'The Royal Chronology of India'
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The Royal Chronology of India:
Generational Timeline of Indian History

An important part of understanding Dharma and world religions is to understand world history.  Few nations in the world have a less historical understanding of their past than India.  So much of Indian history has been inadvertently or purposefully subverted by various mythologies, that the real history of India is unknown to most people (including many Indians).

The link below opens up a Microsoft Excel file that contains 4 spreadsheets (see the 4 lower Tabs when you open up the Excel file):

1) Royal Chronology of India (Columns K through P on the right-hand side describe other civilizations - Egypt, Israel, Iraq, Iran and China).  On Page 21 of this file is a Population Chart of India from 8000 B.C.E. to 2200 C.E.  On Page 42 is a list of assumptions and sources used to build the timeline.

2) The History of World Religion (all major religions [Eastern AND Western] have roots in the Vedas) 

3) Comparison of All Religions

4) Festivals of India

Click on image to download:
Timeline of Indian History

Here is the associated Readme File:   Timeline Readme Text   to go with this timeline.

You can hold your cursor over the cells in the TimeLine to see the comment text.  MOST of the content of this timeline is, in fact, in the comments - which can be as large as a page per cell.

I'm also working with another person to write the first book of a 3-book set called 'The Epic Trilogy of India':

1- Dasharajnya Epic (King Sudas - 2900 BCE)

2- Ramayana Epic (King Rama - 2100 BCE)

3- Mahabharata Epic (Prince Krshna - 1400 BCE)

These novels will be works of historical fiction and will contain appendices with hard evidence for the existence and approximate timeframes of these epics. Please refer to the Epic Trilogy of India website for more information:

>>>   The Epic Trilogy of India

Please let us know if you have any questions by clicking on the Contact Us link on the left.  Thank you.




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